July 8th, 2006



I'm a failure. I picked them up again. Last night the Queen and I met some of her freinds after work for a few drinks and appetizers.

The restaurant had these 'Blue Margaritas' and I had a quite few of them.

On the way home, either the Queen or myself picked a fight. Great. Screaming match in the car. Gotta love them.


Trouble is, I had too much to drink and my memories of last night are somewhat dim. I didn't lose everything...but enough to wonder why every one is still mad...

Picture this though - I am Angry, I am Drunk, I am Hurt, and I am Weak! So bought a pack on the way home.

I feel so bad today that I don't have the heart to throw them away.

I'll start stopping again tomorrow!

'nuff said.


Oh yeah - one more thing. - Don't ever let me drink tequila again. EVER!

Never Ever!


one more more thing - I think the Queen kicked the step-son out last night...but I ain't asking her...

Saint Augustine Grass

Not really fond of it - my yard is full of it. It only looks good for two or three days after you cut it. But it is very tough turf though. Drought AND heat resistant. With as much rain as we are getting around Houston these days, I'll soon be cutting it TWICE a week.

I was up at my Uncle's house outside of Chicago a couple of months ago. They use some form of bluegrass up there. Very soft on the feet. Feels and looks like carpet. Looks good all week til you cut it again. Wouldn't survive in Texas, I'm sure.

St. Augustine, on the other hand feels like crabgrass between your toes...

Rained like HELL today out here on the west side of town. As it did yesterday and the day before.

Of course last year at this time my lawn was dead because of lack of water. Now parts of my backyard are turning into mini swamps.

Feast or Famine here. Either too hot, too dry or too wet. Ah well, at least everything is still green around here...Instead of the blasted looking brown we get during high summer here usually.

Just an observation...