July 13th, 2006


On to Day Four (again) *sigh*

It has now been 4 days since my last smoke - Again. *Sigh* Feeling mostly alright although a little antsy(?!) I don't really seem to have a hard time not smoking at work. We're too busy (always, it seems). I'm in one of those work groups here at the Big Clam that gets very little downtime. But when I sit down at home - THAT's when I seem to have the most trouble. But I am determined to do this.

And let's talk about triggers! 

Used to be: 
Get out of bed - Light up; Get coffee - Light up; Get in the car - Light up; Get off the bus - Light up; Take a break every 90 minutes - Light up; Leave the building in the afternoon - Light up; Get off the bus at the Park-n-Ride - Light up; Walk IN the front door at the house - go OUT the back door to - Light up; Finish a meal - Light up; Die on a video game - Light up; Take the dog out - Light up; Get ready to get ready for bed - Light up! 

And let's talk about drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages - Lightup!Lightup!Lightup!Lightup!Lightup!Lightup!Lightup!Lightup!

Arrrgh!! I'm not sure anymore if there is anything I do that dosen't involve smoking! In one form or another.

Now what is:
Get out of bed - Want to light up!!; Get coffee - Want to light up!!; Get in the car - Want to light up!!; Get off the bus - Want to light up!!; Leave the building in the afternoon - Want to light up!!; Get off the bus at the Park-n-Ride - Want to light up!! Etc...I'm sure you get the idea

I so want to kick this habit in the ASS!

Not doing too badly, although I do believe my caloric intake (and not from good stuff, either) is taking a leap upwards.  Not good. I'll need to watch this. But there is soooooo much junk food available here in the office. Plus I'm a little less tolerant of fools and assholes...Ok let's face it - I'm not very tolerant of them any ways. And now it's WORSE!!

I had a headache yesterday afternoon that stuck with me until I went to bed last night - Since I don't get that many headaches - I have to attribute that to nicotine withdrawal. No matter what i took yesterday i couldn't shake that sucker off. But as they say...Today is a new day!! So far no head banging.