July 15th, 2006


Here I am at Day 5 - Still Smoke Free

It's a multi-tasking kind of day.

Brought work home with me this weekend which is something I seldom do. But it's time to update my Security Roles Database. If I wait until I've got time at work, it will simply never get updated. We are simply too busy at work to take care of this kind of busy work. This is the database I designed and use (and so do a few others on my team) to aid in the building of userids for the SAP system I support at the Big Clam. Been about 6 months since the last update and I've noticed a couple of errors and some composite roles that were missing. What the thing is mostly used for is to help with the selection of Organizational Qualifiers. We have 2 types of them - Update and Display. We have a set of each, to varying degrees, for each region on a global basis that we support:
  • EUAF (Europe - Africa)
  • AM (Americas)
  • APME (Asia Pacific - Middle East)
These are further broken down by:
  • Country
  • Company Code
  • Plant / Location

There are about 1100 different qualifiers. The last update I did resulted in a record count of 966. And it's far enough out of whack I need to check the whole wanger again. Been working on this off and on since I got home from work last night. I'd like to have a working updated copy by Tuesday. I'm off Monday.

Also downloaded a client to update LJ from my PC, as well as one to use on my LifeDrive. So I'd like to see how that's gonna work too. So I may put in a bogus post.

Got laundry going as well. Waiting for it to cool down some so I can mow the back yard as well. It's lookin' kind of Jungly out there...