July 17th, 2006


Still Smokeless on day 7!!

I'm smoke free. But this feels like it may be the hardest day yet! I feel like I haven't eaten. You know that empty, shakey feeling you get when you need to eat? That's how I feel and I've eaten...

I'm basically feeling like refried crap!


I think I've finished (mostly) with my DB crap for work. I'll probably need to tweak it. But that's for later today. Got to see the doctor about my elbow(?) And pickup filters for the AC units for the house. Need to mow and edge the front yard too. But I'll wait till the sun is over the house for that. And pay some bills. And the Queen says I don't do anything on my days off!

Quote of the Day:

"The power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious, and the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist."

~~Winston Churchill

Courtesy of one of my favorite authors - William Gibson - Found on his blog - And never more appropriate that now.

How about a few links I've found to be interesting:

The last of Mr. Gibson's books was "Pattern Recognition" in which the protagonist was a Cool Hunter. She was able to recognize what the nect latest thing was going to be, or when it was going to be so over. Hence:  Josh Rubin's CoolHunting - Cool Hunting: finding things in the intersection of design, culture and technology that excite the imagination and inspire creativity.

Upon which I found this. The kitchen of the future. Actually for my european friends it is already here. The Clever kitchen. From our ever so efficient friends in Germany.

How about this cool app. Quikmaps - Interacts with google earth to let you draw your own map. This is way cool. They will even host it for you. The blog is here: http://wanderingken.com/

The app: Quikmaps.com

Dell has a blog? Too little, too late or right on time? You decide...Dell's one2one.

ArsTechnica for the PC enthusiast in you. And me...

reports on tech for you.

Lifehacker. com For the geek in all of us. "Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live."

TechCrunch is "a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new web 2.0 products and companies."

TechDirt. The name kinda says it all don't it?

Because what everybody needs is a Garfield dissection service: Garfield: Permanent Monday.

The official google blog at blogspot.

Got a Moto RAZR? So does this fellow. And he's got a few hacks for it here: Razr V3, V3C, V3x . How to get free dialup here. With video: Free internet on laptop using your cell phone . Also has Phone tools software here: OBEX File Manager. Zac liked this SW better than the Moto stuff. Drivers here: My Awsome Razr (which you will need for your PC.  Also a message board if you just don't get it.

Zac says a regular digital camera USB cable will connect your phone to your PC. It looks like it should. But bear in mind I haven't tried any of this stuff yet. And this is not an endorsement. If you fry your phone doing this stuff do not come here bitching. As I said I haven't tried any of this. But I'm gonna.

But I have phone insurance, too. I'm merely pointing in the direction you may want to go...

See you around...


SUV Issues

What the hell is it with these people that drive these gas-guzzling, monster SUV's? And let's not for get you people in your full-size pickups!

While out running errands today, I nearly committed suicide into the rear end of a late model Suburban before I even got on the freeway. The person driving it made a right onto the feeder across three lanes of traffic to cut me off! She was yakkiing on her friggin' cell. Obviously much more importantito than anyone else on the raod. When I swung around the behemoth I was probably still doing above 50. I honked my ineffectual horn, ">toot!toot!<"!! I drive a Saturn, so ">toot!toot!<" is about all you get. I don't think it even gave her pause. If she heard it at all. Yak-Yak-Yak...I've ranted about this kind of crap before, but this was just plain rude.

Not to mention DANGEROUS! You fuckers driving your big assed SUV's trucks are SOOOO rude. You don't own the road, dammit! I don't care how much your freakin' note is.

This isn't even really the point of this, although I am just a teensy PISSED. Beeee - aaaaatch should be glad I gave up carrying my pistola in 1978!

I guess my point really is this. I still drive my old (1998) Saturn, because it gets good mileage (abt 35MPG +/-) and it keeps me from spending big bucks to get a hybrid.

We, as a nation need to wake up! We are far too dependent on foreign oil. Our automakers are seemingly clueless! They just keep building them bigger and BIGGER! Even the most fuel efficient SUV on the road can't touch my 35/ Gallon. Just like I can't touch the mileage the Hybrids are getting.

Wake up folks!

Are we, as a nation, just going to consume every last bit of petroleum on the planet before we get serious about developing alternate fuels? Or decent mass transportation? Hell, I'd have rode the bus or something today if it was viable.

But I would have had to ride a bus ALL the way into downtown Houston from Katy and half the distance back out to get to my doctor's appointment this afternoon. Not to mention riding BACK into downtown Houston and then back out to Katy.

In a city (or community) of this size, this just makes NO sense!

I stand in line (and I know I shouldn't) at the Park-n-Ride almost every morning to be picked up by some person who just has to have their car, and has to drive the carpool or Bus lane, just so they can get to work quicker. I know I shouldn't help to perpetuate this kind of behavior, but hey it's actually better than having the person ride alone. And between the hours of 6:45 and 8:00 AM it's 3+. That's even better. But I'm usually out of the house by 6:00.

I know some people feel like they have to buy these MONDO vehicles just to protect themselves in an accident. I understand this feeling. We need NOT to buy these monster trucks and SUV's from our American Automakers! Or any one else for that matter! Make it known that you want to save the planet!

And this from someone who works for Big Oil! C'mon People!

When big cars are outlawed, only outlaws will drive big vehicles!