July 21st, 2006


Written for the Queen Last Fall

She decided she wanted to goto the Texas Renaissance Faire for a weekend. I decided I didn't. This was a note I put in the front seat of her car, the night before she left. I just found this (again) in a subdirectory on my HDD.

For My Queen, my love,

My time at the faire mayhap is o'er!

Should I care that thou wish't to go to the Faire

E'en though it be without me?

Mayhap it be irrational for me to be so...But yes.

Yea, I fear it...

Yea, I fear it mightily!

But fly Thou! Be Free!

As t'were at this very place that I found thee

T'were at this very place

That I learned to love thee

With a passion so fierce

That none could'st quench it!

That still, though it be many years later

It burns within

I hath no wish to lose thee there...

Thou art still comely and most beauteous!

An' shall still hath to beat thy suitors off with a stick!

So fly Thou! - Be free!

And whence it is time for thee to come hence

Know that I await thy return

Come back to me, my love!

For thou art e'er

My Sun, My Moon, My Starlit Sky!

I shall endeavor to keep my Green eyed monster at bay!

Try to have a good time.

E'en though I know it t'will be hard without me. Ha!

Give a Hale and Hearty "Hi Ho and Hail and Well Met!" to those that ask after me.

If none remembers me to thee, then better ist that I am absent!

Thou dost have mine permissions howe’er, to give them a kick in the seat most swift!

Yours Constant and True!

Sir Thomas...


And now for something completely different

Another little piece of fiction I've had floating around in my head for awhile. Tell me what you think.


The boy starts to regain consciousness, fighting to remember where he is…He has come to in the front seat of his car. On the passenger side. He doesn't quite remember how he got where he is. He starts to rub his eyes and pulls his hand away quickly because his face seems to be sticky and wet. He opens his eyes to look at his hand. Through his blurred vision he can see there is blood on his fingers. A lot of blood. He looks at the windshield and sees the star pattern he half expected to see over the steering wheel. But the steering wheel appears to be on the wrong side of the vehicle. He attempts to sit up, and the pounding at his temples is such that it forces him to give up the effort, he slumps back, starting to fade into oblivion. Then there is a great light shining through the driver's side window, and it makes his head hurt when he tries to look at it, The light seems to go away and then the window explodes inward, showering the boy with tiny pieces of safety glass.


"By Jove, He is alive," he hears this voice with a preposterously upper caste British accent say. "One of you call an ambulance, if you please!" Down, down, down into his own special blackness. And then nothing.




It's dark when the man awakens. Pitch black. And he has no idea where he is. But it feels like his bladder is full to bursting. He attempts to throw his legs over the side of the bed (?) he is laying in and clangs them against something. Something metallic. Thinks, 'I'm in a hospital bed?' A door opposite the bed opens, partially flooding the room he's in with white light. He throws an arm up to block the light and squints in that general direction. "Ummm…Hello? Need to take a wiz…"


A nurse type turns on the room light, temporarily blinding the man. "Shit…" She rustles over to the hospital bed. Through squinting eyes he can see that's what it is now, and she lowers the safety rail and leans in to help him stand. Which he does, with some difficulty. The man gets his feet planted on the floor and the room starts to spin and his temples start to pound. He is only able to remain standing, because he is leaning on the nurse. They step-shuffle together towards the bathroom. He twists the door handle and she opens the door, maneuvers him through it and gets him sitting on the toilet. It's then that he realizes, that he's wearing one of those embarrassing hospital things that tie up the back and nothing else.


"Are we centered there, Sport?" she asks, while backing out the door. He pisses for what seems to be five minutes. He cannot remember anything in his life that felt that good. About the time he is getting ready attempt to stand, Nurse opens the door and says to him, "Just hold on there, sport. Let Mama help you". She reaches deftly and flushes with one hand, gets the other one situated under his left armpit and pulls him to his feet and step-shuffles him back to the bed.


"Have I got any real clothes, here, uh…" He quickly steals a look at her nameplate, "Barbara?" Even a pair of tighty whities would be good at this point, he thinks. But he doesn’t remember if he’s even owned a pair of them.


The nurse turns on a small light on a table beside the bed. She shakes her head and rustles over to the door that leads into the pea soup painted hallway he could just barely catch a glimpse of as the door opens and closes. As he lies back down in the bed he hears the distinct >click< of the door locking. He turns to look at the light and it feels as if he is falling into the bright shaft…Oblivion takes him back into her bosom…Sweet Oblivion.