July 27th, 2006


A Peculiar Thing

dod-y-resterday while I was off due to inclement weather, I was fiddling with my LifeDrive. I bought a new text editing package that is supposed to speed up text entries and Upgraded my Pocket Tunes package to Deluxe. Pocket Tunes is a MP3 player package for Palm devices.The Deluxe upgrade unlocks some features that I wanted. The Graphic Equalizer, which you can switch to Super-Bass. It also gives you the ability to use skins for the player. A bunch of which are available for free on the P-Tunes site. Cool stuff!

The things I like most about software written for the Palm OS, availablity, quality, and cost seemed to apply to the text editing software I bought ($17.99 USD). TextPlus is (quoted from the DataViz website):

"a Palm OS enhancement that can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of text entry on your Palm device. TextPlus supports intelligent dictionary-based suggestion of words and phrases to speed up your text entry. When you enter one or more letters of a word or a phrase in any Palm application, a list of words and phrases that start with these letters is displayed. When you tap on any of the words or any of the phrases, your choice is automatically inserted at the current cursor location. One unique feature of TextPlus is its frequency-based intelligent search engine, which chooses only frequently used words and phrases for suggestion. The frequency of each word and phrase is updated automatically as you use TextPlus so that the speed and accuracy of your text entry would increase over time."

Sounds ideal for some one who writes a lot, right? It comes from a reputable company, DataViz . I expect that they would not sell a package that was less than ideally suited for the Palm OS. They have reputation to uphold.

So why all of a sudden did my LD start getting fatal errors on almost every application I've got on the thing? It even ATE one of my Pocket Word Docs. My source document for 'A Speculative Future' just disappeared! Gaaahhh! I can recover from this, but WTF?

Maybe I juat have too much stuff in primary memory. I do seem to have it loaded up. Maybe too much stuff on the Hard Drive? I did plop a bunch of new files on it yesterday beside the pTunes upgrade and the TextPlus package.

This bears watching as I live outta the damn thang!


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