July 28th, 2006


I know I've ranted about

People lost in LaLa land on their cellular or headphones before but...

I happened to turn around at just the right or wrong time. Saw a pretty horrible accident right outside the building at work today. Woman on her cell spaced out and ran the light and T-boned another car. Her airbags deployed, the other car did a 180 and stopped. A minute or so passed, the guy in the other car got out and surveyed the damage to his vehicle. Her door opened and she staggered out of the car, barefoot. It looked like she hit so hard, it knocked her shoes off! The side of his car was caved in, but hers looked TOTALED.

She went over and sat on the curb. A couple of people on the sidewalk walked over to render aid, another called 911 from her cel.
In a few minutes the first response vehicles showed up and a few minutes after that 4 or 5 tow trucks pulled up. Followed a few minutes later by a cop. He spent a few minutes doing interviews, then went over and wrote the woman a ticket or two. The paramedics took her away in ambulance a few minutes after that.

That was some Expensive phone call! I hope she was talking to the Prime Minister of Israel or something.

Come on folks let's pay attention!