August 1st, 2006


My Cube Mate Turns 30 Today!



One of our co-workers and I were talking on the elevator about Ruth turning thirty. She is "the Baby" in our department. I said I didn't think thirty was that big of a deal, because I had passed that eighteen years ago.

She got this look on her face and turned to me and said, "You are forty-eight? You sure look good for your age..." This from a thirty three year old!


Nice to get affirmaton every once in a while.


Yankee Clipper

METRO lssues

So I walked down 2 blocks from my normal stop, because the line at my usual stop, that is cattiecorner from the office was completely ridiculous. It stretched almost an entire BLOCK! When I got to the stop, there were two people in line ahead of me, and two buses in the pipeline. The second was empty! We're on our way to the HOV and it still isn't full! METRO should probably do something about that...But still...SCORE!!
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