August 7th, 2006


Around the House 3rd In A Series...

First - Here's the backyard - From the backyard
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There are two oak trees, and as well as 1/2 dozen pine trees back here. That's one of the oaks on the left in the picture. Can you imagine trying to reason with hurricane season with all this stuff? Well we did. And it was a severe pain in the you know whatsis! Last year when Rita was a threat, we cleared all of this that we possibly could. Including the patio cover. We tried not to leave anything that would have potentially become a missile in high winds. We have a lot of interesting things (Well, I like to think so, anyway) back here, most of them of the organic type stuff. Come from living with two people that take care of plants for a living. Me, I'm just an old computer jock they keep around for the heavy crap and to mow the grass. This summer, because of all the rain, we have had to mow lots! Haven't been able to do it every week either because it's been muddy or under water (blub!) at times. Not too deep. Just enough to keep us from getting out there and splashing around in the muddy water while pushing a lawn mower. Bl-e-e-a-h! But our boxer likes it!
Lets Have a Look Around - Shall We?
2006_0806BackYard0005 First and foremost - Absolutely NO Hunting! We're serious. Unless you are hunting weeds, of course!
2006_0806BackYard0006The Queen and The Roomate planted these in these hangers using a coconut liner filled with potting soil. That green looks like it would glow in the dark doesn't it? It's actually just the bright sunlight behind me. Mind they do look pretty neon=like don't they? The trees in the background are in the neighbors yard.
Passion Vine Flower 2 Here we have our Passion Vine. It sits in a 25 gallon tub near the fence. These flowers bloom for one day and then they die. Fortunately, the plant produces a lot of blooms! They smell fine too! If you ever smelled one, you would know why they are called the Passion vine. Va-Voom!
See any 4 leaf Clovers?*Breaks into song*, "I'm lookin' over a four leaf clover!" We got these at a water garden store we frequent sometimes. These seem to be GIANT, purple clover. Probably a radioactive, mutant strain. *Grins* But they are beautiful. and purple. Really PURPLE.
We also have six sets (or so) of windchimes. And other assorted hangie-downie thingies!
2006_0806BackYard0007 2006_0806BackYard0008 2006_0806BackYard0004
Well, That's it for now. Gotta get some work done!
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