September 1st, 2006


Need More Proof

That the world has gone stone fucking crazy?..

Well here it is!

The most emailed photo over the last two days if of a baby's first (reportedly) first ...


Here's a link to the Yahoo! article! Most emailed Photo

I dunno, but that poor kid of Cruise's is gonna be screwed! What kind of warped is it to have baby's first shit bronzed. And THEN! As if this weren't enough...Have it auctioned off!?!


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Sunset Picture

Took this sunset photo this evening at the Park and Ride right here in Katy, Texas.
But here's the funny part. I took this photo while looking to the EAST!

Not only that but I took it.... with my Cell Phone!

Left my camera at home in the charger all week. I'd look at it when I was sitting at my desk and think to myself, I need to put that in my bag. Just in case...

Every freakin' day this week!

Pictures From East Texas

Took these week before last at a friend's Ranch property up in East Texas.


Peaceful looking, isn't it...


But if you look a little closer - you can see Damage in the woods from Hurricane Rita from last year.

Here's a piece of petrified wood that was sitting in a windowsill. Friend says there's rocks like this laying around all over his eighty acres.