September 13th, 2006

t_dod, Suits me to a "T"

I Hate When They Do This

I get back from lunch at work today and there is a message from the urologist's office. (I have an appointment in the morning to talk about my biopsy results, you see). They want to change my appointment from 10:45 AM to 3:15 PM. So it will be more convenient for me. And would I mind calling back to confirm? Apparently they've overbooked the good doctor's surgeries for tomorrow. Any time I've been there in the afternoon, they are usually running an hour or two behind.

This kind of crap really chaps my ass. You know...if YOU KNOW you are constantly running over, why don't you schedule a few less patients to see...The last time I was there in the PM (and this was for my biopsy) they were running an hour and a half late. I'm sitting in a small waiting room, FULL of people and it's HOT. Not warm, friggin' HOT! IT was SRO in there, man!

When I finally get into the back *grin* for the procedure, they act as if nothing is wrong. Pissed me off. But I held my tongue. I know doctors are busy people. But you know, so am I. My time is valuable too. You wouldn't believe what my division of the Big Clam charges as a bill rate for my services. I know what it is and I can barely believe it myself. But suffice it to say I feel my time is valuable too. And I can think of much better ways to spend my time, than cooling my heels in someone's waiting room for 2 hours past my appointment time..

At any rate I call them back to confirm my new, more convenient time, but I bitch a little about the last time I was there last week. The appointment setter doesn't really say anything except, "Can you make the afternoon appointment or not?" This really sets me on fire! I say yes, though, and we finish up. I was pretty steamed at this woman's attitude. But I go about my business for pretty much the rest of the day. I happen to notice though, as I'm getting ready to leave, I have another message. It's from the Drs. Office. He is concerned about my time and they now want to reset me yet AGAIN! For in between his surgeries in the AM. And would I mind calling back to confirm? Well, Thank YOU, but...

Kiss my monkey-like ass!

Well I ignore this one. But only because I would like to have his FULL attention when speaking about something as important as ME! I don't want him thinking about the next surgery he's got to perform on my time.

Now I ask you...Was that wrong?