September 29th, 2006


Some History and Herstory - Thunderstorm!

On the commute home this evening, I was looking out the fogged over windows on the bus. As we got closer to Katy, the sky started to get really dark. Looked like a Thunderbanger was coming in. After I got off the bus, and was heading off to the car, I was looking to the south. Because, well, the car was parked that-a-way! I was rewarded with a big ole jaggy lightning strike off in the distance. It must have arced halfway across the southern sky. And a few seconds later...


One of those long rolling bits of thunder that seem to vibrate ther very ground as you walk over it. Oh Boy!

Have I ever told you I love thunderstorms? Well I do. A lot!

So I jumped in the Saturn and started my ride to the house, the weather worsening with every passing minute. Made a quick stop at a store and bought a sixpack of beer. When I got home, I got out of my little green monster and headed for the front door. I could smell the rain coming in and the wind was picking up a little too. As I went through the front door another peal of thunder racked the southern sky. Cool. I walked into the house and it was strangely quiet. I found the Queen asleep on the couch, the TV's on, but muted. That's okay. Put my beer minus one in the fridge and went out to the garage and opened the door. Our house faces south, the storm was moving north so I pulled up a chair to watch it roll over. The rain started coming down harder, and the sky grew more violent. Great! I thought. But after a few minutes of some sky violence it petered out. This left me somewhat disappointed.

But out of the dim fog of memory I remembered a time cadona and I were visiting my Grandfolks in North Central Illinois. The Offspring was maybe, a year old, I think, if that. They lived in a little town at the confluence of the Illinois and Fox Rivers. Ottawa is the name of the place. Right smack dab in the middle of Corn Country. Nice little town.

It was the only place I can ever recall really calling home. It was a safehaven for me. Gram always believed in me. Even when no-one else did. She's gone now. The house is sold. And I have lost my anchor.

cadona and I were out for a drive on the south side of town out in the corn fields. We might have been out for a smoke or some other mischief. (Well, you know) I can't really remember. At any rate the sky turned really dark. Really quickly! As it can in that part of the country. I seem to remember it was raining so dang hard we had to pull off the road. And we seemed to be up on this little bluff and could see almost a full 360 degrees around us. Couple of miles of visibility.

The light and sound of that storm was AWESOME to behold. Lightning and thunder crashing and thrashing all around us. I don't think I've ever seen a display like that before or since that time, that left such an impression of the fantastic power of nature. Maybe it was just that we had such a complete view of the surrounding area that made it so impressive. The darker the sky got the more lightning there seemed to be. And it surrounded us.

Kinda scared the crap out of us too! Well it did me, anyway - Sort of. Kinda.

After the storm died down a bit we turned around and went back to Grammy's house. Man, it was good to be home!