October 7th, 2006


Pay It Forward - TexasT's Style

Thursday mid morning - On my way back up to Cube City - Guy gets on, on the eighth floor. He got a tray of big ole chocolate chip cookies.

I say, "For me?"

He says, "Certainly. No, really you can have one if you like!"

"Thanks - but I better not. Well, okay just one though." I take a cookie.

He gets off on twelve and says, "Have a great day!" I don't even know the guy. But he has just made my day with this Random Act of Kindness.

Later as me and the girls from our corner of the building are looking for lunch in the tunnels in downtown H-Town. They decide on rabbit food. I saw an Otto's Bar-B-Que a few stores back and decide to get a beef spud. Work my way through the line, got my food (to go), and am at the cashier. She tells me the price, and I say (thinking of that guy in the elevator, "Go ahead and add hers in too." motioning to the woman behind me. She starts to sputter and protest about a stranger buying her lunch...

"Lady, No Fear. I'm just payin' it forward. Some stranger did something nice for me today an' I'm just doin' somethin' nice for you!" I pay the tab and make my way out to where the girls are waiting for me, leaving one flustered, but smiling lady behind me.

"What was that about?" one of my companions asks...

"Oh nothing. Just a RAK..."

"What? A rack? What are you talking about? What do you mean a RACK?" Ah well, maybe they'll figure it out...

"I told you - nothing." I reply and walk whistling through the crowd on my way back to the office...

Do good things - Practice Random Acts of Kindness. I promise - It will make your day to:

Pay It Forward!

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