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October 22nd, 2006

Welcome to the TexasT's Zone.

Submitted for your approval.

Awful dreams last night. Woke up a bunch of times, too.

I lost my truck in Downtown Houston. I didn't just forget where I parked it. I lost the whole flaming building! Wandering in a downtown Houston that was utterly unfamiliar(!) People could not understand whatever it was I was trying to say! I couldn't understand them either.

At the house, I had turned on the kitchen faucet, turned to the fridge for just a second. When I turned back to the sink, it was so full, it was about to overflow! I couldn't even reach in to unplug the drain! At one point I lost my wife and kids, my job and was about to have to live in my Saturn! Not a wonderful prospect.

Just stupid frightening shit. I can't even recall all of them now. That's how dreams work, they fade.

That's about as much of the Twilight Zone as I need. But I think maybe I'll try sleeping without the patch! Sleep is kinda sketchy for me right now anyway. Why help the nonsleeping part along, hmmmm?

Submitted for your approval, indeed...

Parlez Vous LJ Talk?

I wonder how many of us are actually down with the whole LJTalk wanger from Gizmo?

Yes, it's a question for YOU!



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