October 22nd, 2006

Yankee Clipper

Welcome to the TexasT's Zone.

Submitted for your approval.

Awful dreams last night. Woke up a bunch of times, too.

I lost my truck in Downtown Houston. I didn't just forget where I parked it. I lost the whole flaming building! Wandering in a downtown Houston that was utterly unfamiliar(!) People could not understand whatever it was I was trying to say! I couldn't understand them either.

At the house, I had turned on the kitchen faucet, turned to the fridge for just a second. When I turned back to the sink, it was so full, it was about to overflow! I couldn't even reach in to unplug the drain! At one point I lost my wife and kids, my job and was about to have to live in my Saturn! Not a wonderful prospect.

Just stupid frightening shit. I can't even recall all of them now. That's how dreams work, they fade.

That's about as much of the Twilight Zone as I need. But I think maybe I'll try sleeping without the patch! Sleep is kinda sketchy for me right now anyway. Why help the nonsleeping part along, hmmmm?

Submitted for your approval, indeed...