November 9th, 2006

t_dod, Suits me to a "T"

He Just Didn't Seem to Get It

And my situation is starting to get desperate.

When I was at the surgeon's on Monday (I had my crooked septum fixed - and turbonates trimmed, basically speaking, on the 15th of October - see my previous posts) for a followup. After I complained about not sleeping, he told me to go ahead and try the CPAP again. I still don't think he's hearing me...I was hoping he'd give me something that would help me to get to sleep. Because the damned thing is drying me out so bad it wakes me up.

I managed to get about 4 hours sleep with the CPAP on Monday night. I swear 4 hours of continuous sleep with that thing is like seven to ten hours without it. I felt really good. Prior to that I've been sleeping pretty much horribly an hour or two and then awake, fall back out for an hour and then awake. etc...for days. Tuesday night I got about three hours sleep in half hour increments. And stayed home from work. Called in sick. Well actually I emailed in and signed off, but not before blistering my bosses eyes with a withering note about how unsympathetic she is. Shit...I had to apologize for that today...So stupid...Wednesday wasn't much better...

And the DREAMS are just awful. Like stepping into the twilight zone or something. Bad enough to wake me up. (sometimes in a cold sweat!) When I fall back asleep a little while later, mor than half the time I go right back into the dream right where I left off! It's getting so bad I don't want to go to bed...

It is driving me bug shit fuckin' crazy!! Uh - 'scuse my french...But it's pretty bad.

I've built up such a deficit now that I'm sleepy all the freakin' time. I've turned up the humidity on the CPAP like the Techie told me to do, even tried to fine tune it a little, but I don't think it is gonna work out (as I said above) for me as long as I sleep with my mouth open (snoring still). It dries me out so bad I wake up. And I must have it pretty bad cause they set my CPAP at 14 (CFM?? Not sure what it is they measure the pressure settings in).

And if they catch me nodding at my desk at work again, they'll send me home until I get this shit fixed.

Trouble is...

I don't know what else to do!

I'm getting to be so tired all the time that I don't think I'm thinking straight. I figured the Eye, ear, nose and throat specialist would know about and understand what I'm going throyugh but I'm either not putting it strongly enough or he's not listening.

And I'm afraid this is turning into narcolepsy.

Out of desperation, I made an appointment to see my MD on Monday to talk to him about it - He's the one that sent me to the sleep clinic in the first place...

Should I call and try to talk to the surgeon and see what, if anything HE can do?

Please consider this a small plea for help!

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