November 26th, 2006


Casino Royale

Went to see the latest Bond incarnation with The Offspring yesterday evening.

I thought this was a great way to go! Not to many freakin' gadgets or wishful thinking technology. Although the defibrillator in the globebox was a nice touch. Need one of those myself(!).

The new Astin Martin DBS is such a sweet piece of machinery.

Daniel Craig's 007 is a very edgy and raw Bond. And oh so cold. And newly double O'ed. Brilliant move on the producers part.

One of my favorite lines:

Bartender in the casino, "That would be shaken, not stirred?"

Bond, "Do I look like I give a shit right now?!"

I think Daniel Craig may actually be close to what Ian Flemming had in mind. Not that I could even pretend to know...But I have read all the books...At least twice!
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