November 29th, 2006


When was it...

That younger folks started thinking of me as old...??

I don't feel old. I'm only 48...

I made a post on another community (sort of) bitching about my current (and hopefully temporary) supervisor who is 19 years *shudders* younger than me, and her apparent distrust of anyone over the age of thirty-five.

I got a reply from someone that basically said, "Yeah, nobody listens to you oldfolks. Except me.

YIKES!! Was my immediate reaction. I'm not old! Am I? I don't feel old...Grant you I don't move as quickly as i used to...But I'm taking steps (albiet small steps) in the right direction, I think. In the past year I've...Done something about rectifying my sleeping problems...Been to an allergist about my allergies and asthma (which I didn't know I had)...Quit smoking 3 times this year (it's really hard to make it stick), but I've got forty-five days this time (yay!
)...Been to a podiatrist about my effed-up feet (Got orthodics)...Also had nasal surgery to correct blockages...Started walking at least a mile on a semi-irregular basis...And I'm attempting to work on my sorry excuses for dietary habits (another hard thing...I like what I like!)...

But after a few years of a sedentary lifestyle, all this shit is hard!

I ain't old, am I??!

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