December 10th, 2006


Are you a Model Railroader?

Have you got pictures you want to share? Have you got a account? (If you don't have an account, it is pretty easy to sign up for one. And it's free!) I think if you have a Yahoo! photos account you can also join and post, but I'm not sure about that.

Come and join the Modelrailroading group and share those great photos! I started this group in 2005 and I also admin for this bunch of train-nuts!

This flickr group is about all aspects of Model Railroading - Concepts, design, planning, construction, running trains, models, scenery, you name it. This is the place for it! All Scales are welcome! Post photos, or start a discussion. Currently we have 26 members and are always open to more.

Here's a couple of my favoprites...

Time to go homeRickTownsendsATSF014 Tankcars on the brink of darknessCRW_2068 Soo Line BW

Come on! Share your Modelrailroading goodness!