December 13th, 2006

Yankee Clipper

On the Bus This Evening

I was sitting there minding my own business when I heard this kind of a grinding noise. It was too organic to be the actual bus. It gradually got louder and louder. I finally realized it was some fella snoring!

In the past I would have gotten kind of annoyed. These days though I am somewhat sympathetic. Almost wanted to reach across the aisle and gently shake his shoulder, "Hey fella... 'Cept I couldn't really see where he was. I could see some other folk getting pretty annoyed though.

I can't really go there anymore. Especially since I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder. I've become so self-conscious about my own snoring that I don't even sleep on planes (or other forms of mass transport) any more. And on a flight to Singapore from Houston, that can be quite a trick! That's up to a 24 hour flight. Bad enough going to Europe, but to the far east it is downright exhausting trying to stay awake. Now I might doze a little but I alway SNAP myself awake right before I really drop off.

That last flight to Singapore I was damned glad the boss had scheduled us a day off before we had to report to the local offices of the Big Clam. It was like 2 AM Singapore time by the time we made it to the hotel and I was too wired by that time to sleep. After a nice breakfast at around sixish, I crashed and slept for eleven hours straight!

Any ways the point of this post was...HellifIknow! No really:

If I could have discretely figured out where this dude was I might have gently said something to him as we were getting off the bus.

Just glad I wasn't sitting next to him! I might have been more annoyed than sympathetic...*grins*

Well I'm off to put my Darth Vader mask on and go to sleep. Night all.