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December 27th, 2006

Right Then! On to the Next Holiday!

New Years! Hoping 2007 is better by far that 2006 was.

Got a few photos to share. The first is of the light of my life...
My daughter, The Offspring, looking oh so cool on a recent trip to New Orleans....

Doesn't she just look like...she is too freakin' cool? She took quite a few good pictures on that trip. You can see some of them on my flickr account.

Well, I've about finished my beer and it is getting on up there in time. 5:00 AM comes early you know!

I'm off to read some posts and then for bed!

See y'all on LJ!


Edit - Must be a setting in semagic that i've missed - It seems to have stripped my linkage to the photos out - shit!


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