December 27th, 2006


Right Then! On to the Next Holiday!

New Years! Hoping 2007 is better by far that 2006 was.

Got a few photos to share. The first is of the light of my life...
My daughter, The Offspring, looking oh so cool on a recent trip to New Orleans....

Doesn't she just look like...she is too freakin' cool? She took quite a few good pictures on that trip. You can see some of them on my flickr account.

Collapse )

Well, I've about finished my beer and it is getting on up there in time. 5:00 AM comes early you know!

I'm off to read some posts and then for bed!

See y'all on LJ!


Edit - Must be a setting in semagic that i've missed - It seems to have stripped my linkage to the photos out - shit!