January 1st, 2007


A Question for 2007?

Do you make resolutions? How many do you set?

I haven't done this too many times in the past. But just suppose we were to think of them as goals. Both long term and short term. I confess I never have before. Oh sure I've set resolutions before at the beginning of a year. But I don't think I've ever gone back and looked at them just to see if I've made any progress. The list was made and then life got in the way so the list was forgotten. Hence THERE WERE NO ACTIONS THAT CAME FROM MAKING THEM.

After the last year or so I've had, I've come to the realization that I must do something. A lot of somethings actually.

Corporate life has forced GOALS down my throat for better than a decade. Still don't like them in that setting. But I can live with them.

What if I were (finallyresolved to accept goal setting as a way to change things for the better. At least on a personal level.

I was looking over things as they set, in the last year. I have stuff that I should really be working on. A lot of them seem to be re-occurrences of shit that I REALLY need to fix. If I do not know how to fix them, then I need to find some sort of guidance that will enable me to do so.

And Dang it, my list just seems to be growing...And growing...And GROWING! I don't want to overwhelm myself so that paralysis sets in though. But nothing in the list by itself, seems too overwhelming. Then again...NONE of them will be easy to accomplish. And several are linked arm in arm, so to speak. I cannot accomplish this task without working on this other one...

And if I'm going to set resolutions, it occurs to me that I need to keep looking at them over and over again. And track progress. If there is no progress, I need to analyze why that is...And deal with that. So that there CAN be...

Sometimes I just feel that (my) life has gotten too static. Or maybe I've just ground myself to a standstill. There just isn't enough upward movement. Have I become complacent? Complacency never seems to be a good thing.

I'm up to thirteen things and it occurs to me that this list could just get longer and longer...

In the past, I've always thought of myself as a very together person. But things on a personal level seem to have gotten out of hand enough that I finally have forced myself to sit up and take notice.


The only constant is change.