January 7th, 2007


Been Percolating on This One For a While Now...

Why do we LiveJournal?

Is it because of "The Conversation" as it is for me sometimes? I like the interaction that LJ provides. I had (have) a blogger account for several years. I never got the level of commenting that I get here on LJ. So it is like a real conversation except usually it's in slow motion. As my friends list continues to expand one hopes the conversation can only get better, right? I like to read your journals and comment if I have something to say...

Also I think for me...I'm also a wannabe author or writer.


And yes my friends, I read you daily.  Most of the time. That can sometimes be a vicarious thrill. Some people lead much more exciting lives than I do these days. Other times it is simply heart breaking. There are times where it it hilarious to see what people are up to.

Sometimes I am glad to say I can call this person...Friend...I've got more than a few friends from over the pond too as it were. And I like that. LJ is a world wide community.

Of course if you'd asked me what i was going to do with a home computer the fifteen or twenty years ago when I got my first one, making friends and journaling on line would not have even been on the list. If you would have suggested something along those lines, I probably would have looked at you as if you had eaten a few peyote buttons.But there you are...


And some of the communities on lj can make for interesting discussions. Some are just eyepopping reading. But I would venture to say if you have a special interest, more than likely there is an LJ Community for it. If there ain't, you can always start one. If you build it, they will more than likely come...*grin*

LJ Addiction

I admit I am hooked. Is there a twelve step program for LJ'ers? *Hello. My name is TexasT's and I am an LJ addict....*


I post some pretty personal shit sometimes. (As do others) It's not that I'm looking for advise really. (Well maybe sometimes, I am) Other times it is just fluffy feel good stuff that I find in various nodes of the internet. Or my commentary on topical events. My opinions are of course, only my own.

Comments are always welcome, of course...And everyone has different life experience so just hearing what people have to say about a given situation, can help. But I think to see my thoughts on a glowing screen also helps to put them in perspective for me. And I know I could put them in MS Wurd or something similar. but where's the fun in that? So yes, I like the comments folks make....I want them. Don't stop!

So tell me -

Why is it you do what ever it is you do on LiveJournal?
I really want to know...