January 20th, 2007

cold, weather

Now Here's Something You Don't Often See in or Around Houston, Texas...

Took these around my yard on Wednesday when things were starting to thaw. If I had had the presence of mind I would have got outside sooner with the camera.

But...c'est la vie, non?

I should have gone out earlier in the morning, but I was working from home and fighting a loopy connection. Most employees of The Big Clam were working from home and stretched company alloted resources for remote access to the maximum.

Click the pictures for a bigger view from my flickr account!

Copper Bird Bath

This is the copper birdbath I got
The Queen on our anniversary last year. The birds could have gone ice skating!

These two shots are of an evergreen bush from my front yard.
Icy ColdnessLeaf Me Alone

This is (was) an orange tree that The Room Mate left us when she move out! It might make it still. But if it does it will probably be stunted.No Oranges

All this may not mean much to you folk that live in the cold, cold north. But to us it is a pretty big deal. Seems like the whole city just shuts down! Of course I didn't get the two days off - Still had to work from home...