March 19th, 2007


Well Day-amn!

I think the oak pollen around here is tryin' to kill me. My head is closed up tighter than a bar during Prohibition! *snerk*

Been trying to get some work done around here but the damned computer keeps calling to me....*grins*

I've been trying, to almost no avail,to get some fencing companies to come over to the house and give me aquote on replacing all or some of my fence in the back yard. In places it is about to fall over and die..(!)

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I was dinkin' around this afternoon and evening and made me some new user icons. Whattaya think of them:

All in all not a bad day. Not very productive, but not a bad day, a'tall.

Well Day--amn! II

Public Service anouncement

My apologies to anyone trying to read that last entry. I had to delete and recreate it several times as the lj cut feature wasn't working for me in the post editor. I fanially ended up pasting it into semagic and doing the cuts in there.

Stupid post editor....

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal...