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March 20th, 2007

Is the answer to the question, "What The Hell am I Doing up so Earlty When I have the Day Off?" Effing pollen count must be off the scale.

But since I am up...

Did you know?

...That Spring officially starts in South East Texas @ 7:07 PM tonight? Yay! Meh...

...That today is officially "Alien Abduction Day". Honestly, I don't know who thinks this crap up.

...That the restaurant chain "Hooters" is considering opening a restaurant in Tel Aviv? I don't see why they shouldn't. I seem to have read an article somewheres that Tel Aviv is the town that parties like there ain't gonna be no tomorrow! I can understand and get behind that!

...That yesterday was the anniversary of the "Coalition Invasion of Iraq" started?

...That if you pee in an airsickness bag you'll get a free flight voucher? Via boing boing

...That the first Nazi Concentration Camp opened on this day in 1933. On the outskirts of Dachau? Via Wired.


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