April 13th, 2007


Happy Friday the 13th?

We may make jokes about Friday the 13th and only kiddingly instruct loved ones to exercise greater care on that day, but those who suffer from a fear of the number thirteen (triskaidekaphobia) or a fear of Friday the 13th (paraskevidekatriaphobia) may genuinely feel limited by the rumored potential for ill luck connected with the date.

Tip o' the stetson to snopes.com
And Refdesk.com - for those of you with kids -  or just the innately curious, this site can be a lifesaver. However as with any site on the interwebs - make sure they got it right if possible! I don't think I've ever found them to be unfactual (heh) but you never know!
And of course

I Found This Cool Application

For my Lifedrive from Novii Media. It turns it into a universal remote! There are two versions of this App:
NoviiRemote for Palm OS and NoviiRemoteDeluxe for Palm OS.

Oh yeah and for you Windose Mobile guys and gals there are Pocket PC versions. If you have one of those Nokia Smartphones, there is also a Symbian OS version as well.

The main difference between the Basic and Deluxe versions are that you can create your own layout for your controls.

I downloaded both demo versions and have been keeping myself busy copying the codebases onto the the machine. Codebases are little files that store the I(nfra)R(ed) control codes for the various things that I want to control. And modifying them once I got them into the deluxe version.

Pretty cool stuff.

And it looks like there are over 400 codebases on the site for various pieces of equipment. Basically if it has a remote you can even build your own codebase and teach it from the original remote(s). Looks like I'll be removing the basic version though. I like the extra control. If you don't have the remote there may be a codebase for your equipment that you can use for basic functionality. If you are really technical though yopu can program in the hexadecimal codes for the various functions if you can find them. Looks pretty tedious though. A lot of hex codes are available here: RemoteCentral

So far I have programmed (mostly) the family room A/V equipment (Cable Box, Amplifier, Television, CD player, DVD, and the VCR.) and the bedroom (Amp, VCR, and Television)

Another effing timewaster...but oh so cool!