April 20th, 2007


Once Again I Am Reminded

That  ignorance and intolerance may never be wiped out. Pretty discouraging...

Got picked up by a pair of Bodysnatchers this afternoon. The driver man was maybe a year or three or five younger than me. The other rider was a grandmotherly lookin' type.

As soon as we left downtown, gramama attempts to turn around in the seat (But can't) and asks me, "Have you got kids in the Katy School system?"

Me:"Not anymore, why?"

She: "Well. They named the new KISD (Katy Independant School District) superintendent today." Dramatic pause.

Me: "Yeah?" "And?"

She: "Well he is..." Yet another dramatic pause. "He's ethnic!"

"Ethnic! What the hell does that mean?" I asked. I knew full well what it meant.  godammit!

Gramama: "He's Non-White!"

Me: "....-" I'm thinkin' Oh Sheeee-aaaaaa-t!" I swear, if we hadn't left downtown already I would have made him stop the car so I could get out!

Me: "...And...SO?"

She: "Well the district is mostly WHITE!"

Me: "Yes. And?" 'You think he is going to damage your grandchildren?' I thought, 'You've already done that with these effing poisonous thoughts, you ignorant, prejudiced, beeeaaatch!'

She: "Well, yes I do. What was the school board thinking?"

Me: "You really think the superintendent of a school system has that much influence to change the entire system? Don't you think the bureaucracy won't just tick along like it already does? I'm baiting her now...Because I think a lot of these whitebread folks need a little ethnic education.

Gramama: "He will try to impose his beliefs on the children!" I'm not sure but I think the driver's eyes are rolling too. Because he wasn't really saying anything.

"And his beliefs are that much different than yours?" I asked. "And you are basing this on what? The color of his skin?" That got me a glare from the front seat. "Or is he a radical muslim cleric?" This is fun!

They both intoned, "Well he could be!" Shit! I've lost the driver now. Maybe his eyes were rolling at my remarks.

Me: "I take it you don't trust the school board to do what is in the best interests of the children who are actually going to school?"

She: "Not after this!"

Me: "You have got to be kidding!"

She: "I most certainly am not!"..."Kidding!" Wish I could have seen her face. I bet it was PURPLE by now!

We were pulling off the freeway.

Me: "I cannot beleive that you would (still) make a decision based on someone's ethnic background!" "Do you know anything about the man? He could have gone to Harvard, for Christ's sake! Do you know what this sounds like?"

She:"---!" "Maybe he shoulda stayed there!"

I couldn't resist one last shot! "Unbelievable!!"

And under my breath, "I cannot believe you are even allowed to be around your grandchildren with this thinking! Poisonous! It is the 21st century! Shit!"

By this time we were pulling into the Park'N'Ride Lot. As soon as it was safe, I asked driverman if he could stop the vehicle. The atmosphere was stifling.

He: "Is your car around here?"

Me while exiting his truck, "Naw...It's in the other lot. But I'll walk. Y'all have a nice weekend!"

And as they pull away, "Fuck YOU!" and I flip them off.


I hate it when someone lumps me (or anyone else) into a belief system based on my skin color. Shit! Scary, stupid miotherfuckers!

Un-Fucking-Believable! Right Wing bat-shit-crazy-bitch!

I feel like I need a shower to get that shit off me! Just when I'm starting to feel optimistic again, some asshole has got to come by and prove once again that we should be extinct! How naive can I be!

Some days I HATE white folks! And I'm ashamed to BE one!


"Ik Spreek Niet Goed Nederlands, Spreek Je Engels?"

I don't speak Dutch that well, do you speak English?

Donderdag (Thursday)I managed to get to another Dutch class. The class seems to be shrinking. Good for the rest of us, I think.

Even though she wasn't supposed to do so, I learned how to say, "Oh Shit!" in Dutch!

Are you ready? Here is the translation to Dutch: Oh shit!

I'm told the word "shit" is barely a cuss word in Dutch and is widely used, even by children!
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