April 24th, 2007


Har de Har Har! for Today

Two indecisive miners were arguing over who should get what part of  their latest claim.

"Do you want the Silver or the Gold?" the first miner finally asked...

Shrugging his shoulders, the other mine replied,

"Either Ore!"

It's a groaner I know, but being the posting whore that I am, I had to post something! And this was better than another rant!
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Okay So I'm A Day (two!) Late and a Dollar Short

Found this on William Gibson's Blog posted on Earth Day!

Yeah I know....But think about it...

Every day should be Earth Day! Just my opinion....

"It's hard to appreciate the Earth when you're down right upon it because it's so huge.

"It gives you in an instant, just at a position 240,000 miles away from it, (an idea of) how insignificant we are, how fragile we are, and how fortunate we are to have a body that will allow us to enjoy the sky and the trees and the water … It's something that many people take for granted when they're born and they grow up within the environment. But they don't realize what they have. And I didn't till I left it."

-Jim Lovell, Apollo 8 and 13.