April 25th, 2007


Things I've Always Wondered About Department

ave you ever wondered about the physical constitution of foods that every one seems to like to eat? In Honor of sahlah's Wondrous Wednesdays. Like fr'instance COOL WHIPtm? Well I have. I found this in the print version of WIRED Magazine. So when i got home I thought I'd see if they had an online version as well. Of course, they do...And I thought this is just too good - not to share...Now this may upset some folks. But in the interest of America's appalling dietary habits, this needs to be said! If you read this with a sense of humor or perhaps even maybe wonderment, you might want to eat Cool Whiptm again...

One day...Maybe... *grins* I'm a Reddy Whip guy, myself. But this will not stop me from eating Cool Whiptm either!

And don't shoot the messenger!

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Now you know - the rest of the story - Let's go to the Store and get some!
And just so you don't think I was having fun with you...(although I ain't above that, either, occasionally) Here is a link to the article at wired.com:
Cool Whip