May 6th, 2007


Welcome to my newest friend!


Another friend from across the Atlantic pond!

You've come to me via my friend jules_perox...I don't know what he's told you but...

I am prone to comment on anything and everything in my journal AND now yours (heh) that piques my interest. I'll ramble on about almost anything. Family, friends, livejournal things I've recently discovered, tech type stuff, work, play, music, jokes...Anything and everything is fair game.

In typical American style I have an opinion about almost everything and I'll share it right here on these pages. Right or wrong - opinions are well... opinions! Feel free to comment and don't be bashful!

Also...I can post some pretty personal stuff sometimes, as I am going through a change or two in my life. If these bother you, just let me know and I can filter you out of those types of posts.

Hang on to your hat, darlin'! We're gonna have a interesting ride!
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