June 17th, 2007


Further Proof!

As if any were really needed. My order from thinkgeek.com came in on Friday! I really like that site.

They have serious geek stuff, presented with a tongue in cheek attitude! And also some not so serious stuff.

Remember the old '486 PC's. When I got my Auto tags renewed this is the new set of plates they gave me - I don't think I could have chosen a better plate! Again just blind dumb luck! And one of my things I ordered was the license plate holder. Affirmed!


Also picked up this desklamp. It is USB powered and is just about large enough to illuminate my keyboard for those late night surfing sessions! How cool is that! The tube is supposed to last (sure it is!) about 10,000 hours...So lessee 10,000 hrs / 24hrs about 417 days. Since it won't be on much of the time, it should last for YEARS! There's a little LED (night)light in the base too. No idea why that is there.


Also picked up some silly little cubetoy type stuff! Just for fun!

Those magnets are STRONG! Similar to the ones I was experimenting with for model railroading for remote uncoupling. Those posts are on my old MRR blog: TexasT's Forays in 1:160. Ahhh The good old days. Hopefully I can resurrect this activity (and the blog!) sometime in the future. The actual posts are Radioshack's Rare Earth magnets - Part 1 and Radioshack's Rare Earth Magnets - Part 2.  Man, I miss model railroading. It lets me exercise my creativity.