June 26th, 2007


Working Globally...

I have to deal with people all over the world as a User Administrator for the Big Clam tm. So far my favorites are the Japanese.

They are so polite it is scary sometimes. 

And when a Japanese woman calls me Tom-san...
...BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr! That just sends a shiver up my spine! I don't even know why...But it does!

After This Weekend's Computing Debacle

I needed something to go right with the computers around here. My Samsung CRT is on it's way to (apparently) a slow agonizing death. Goes all fuzzy on me frequently. It AIN"T the video card. I know, because I've replaced it. So while I was out yesterday shopping for The Queen's Birthday gift, I went by Fry's to see what they had on sale...(Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!!) before I headed over to Victoria Secrets (One of my favorite stores online or otherwise - heh heh!) in the Mega Mall in Sugarland. And I came home with this 20" Widescreen OptiQuest by ViewSonic. Got this for under $200 after rebate. Oops gotta send that rebate form off! I figured as long as I can get a picture on the old one on the right in the picture, I'll keep it. So now I've got one of those dual setups that I've only heard about...Let me tell you brothers and sisters It is right nice.

Some Extra Windoze Real Estate!

So glad I invested in that midrange video card! Heh! The one thing I did right over the last three days.

Aside from getting The Queen her VS gift card! Oh yeah went and drooled over the  Macs and such in the Apple Store too...One day...One day...