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July 27th, 2007

Just a Quick Post Before I Get Started

Here at Cube City.

Rain, Rain go away!
Been raining for days now...I feel waterlogged. Keeps the temperature down, but still. My umbrella is really getting a work out this summer.



3rd Time Lucky?!
Think the car shop may have finally figured out what the hell was wrong the the Saturn Express. 3d time lucky I guess! Seems to be running like a top! Woot!



What Have I Got In My Bag?
The latest in passive exercise equipment. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Do some curls with it! lol! Damned thing sure starts off with a bang!



No water at my house this morning. Apparently an outage of some sort. The things we take for granted. Just glad we made the coffee last night!


Off to get coffee...


Believe I Know Some People That Do This:

Word of the day!

coruscate: to give off or reflect bright beams or flashes of light.


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