August 4th, 2007


I Was Just Outside...

In the front yard. I cut, trimmed, and blew it today. It is so much nicer to look at and hang out in when all that is done.

And I hear thunder rumbling and grumbling off to the South East. I love that sound. Always have. I think the temperature has even dropped a few degrees.

cadona lives off that away along with a few other friends and they could be getting hammered. But out here it is just a comforting rumble to your friend.



While Working in the Yard

My trimmer, edger, blower combo wanger (technical term, that! heh) started bogging down on me while trimming. MoFo...It would run...But when I goosed it hard enough to trim it would stall. Didn't quite finish trimming. Damned thing seems to start fine, runs good til it gets hot then bogs down upon application of the throttle. Sheee-aaa-t!.

So I trimmed what I could, edged with the big machine, cut the grass. Blew the clippings into a pile, picked em up. Then took the wanger over to the small engine repair shop I've used for the last few years.

The sunny lady behind the counter informed me they were running about two weeks on repairs now. Two weeks! Shit. The way the weathers been around here I probably won't be able to cut the yard until about then anyhoo. So I left it with instructions to call me with the estimate.

Almost raining now...still bangin' around outside and windy too. Reckon we are in for some wetness...*sigh*
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