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August 16th, 2007

This beauty from Louisiana is a contestant in the "Miss Teen USA" pageant. She is only 15 years old...

Genetics - Makeup - Both - Neither? 

Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant Logan Brook Travis poses in Pasadena, California August 14, 2007. The 15-year old from Amite, Louisiana is the youngest in the competition. The 25th Miss Teen USA pageant will be held on August 24 in Pasadena. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES)

from rueters via yahoo.


So Tropical Depression Erin Is Here

Streets are flooding. Traffic is crawling. Stay the fuck home people! Or wherever you are!

This is what happens here. Sheesh!

People are such idiots at times. When it has been raining for 3-4 hours straight, why would you even think about getting on Richmond avenue? It floods if we get a thimbleful of rain. Pretty pathetic for a main through fair of a city of this size.
Of course the Network News is hyping this for all it is worth on ALL the local channels

Here's the front page of the Chronicle if interested:


Link to channel 13's little slideshow:



High-Tech Metal Heads Unite!

The next time you go to a concert and want to light up for the encore, forget about those pesky burned fingers from flickin' yer bic! You can just raise your iPhone to show your support!
Via Wired: Gadget Lab and TUAW.Nothing more than an animated .gif file. When I downloaded into Animation Shoptm, it turned out to be just four frames! And less than 17k. On the webpage at the link below it is freakin' huge!

Pointless? Yes, of course. But oh so cool!

Point your iPhone browser to this location:  Rock Me!
Suppose you could try that with your non-iPhone cellphone too, if it is interwebs capable.
Got a video iPod? Got one for download for you too: iScortch

BTW - I am not an iPhone owner. Got much better things to spend 0.6 of a C-note on.

Thanks For Stopping By

Found this wedged between the door knob and the door jamb today.


The Saturn Express ain't junk! It doesn't even look like a junk car...

x-posted to saturnlovers


Come On In! He Won't Hurt Ya!

Unless being licked to death by an 80 pound boxer counts!

Two of the three Painting Contractors that I had contacted out of the neighborhood rag showed. Frst one never showed. Figure that was weather related, but he could have called. Second one showed up ON TIME - Sylvia gave me a nice quote room by room! The third guy showed up early. Got a look at Nikko and decided he liked the interior of his truck much better than coming inside to give us a quote! He almost ran to his truck. Even though I explained that the dog wouldn't hurt a fly!

Oh well...

I'll give that first guy a call tomorrow and see if he'll come by on Saturday.


While I had contractor number two upstairs we noticed the wall in the bedroom was wet. Asked The Queen to get her roofers out to have a look. Apparently they have another spot to fix.


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