September 6th, 2007

G'morning, Coffee

Comment: New iPods

The touch has pushed me over the edge...Must...Have...One!

Never bought one...

Edit: However - since the trend seems to be for Apple to either drop the price or add features within a couple of months or so...Think maybe I'll just wait for a quarter or so...Hell, I waited this long...

See pi - I may not have a Pee Aitch Dee - but I do have some common sense...Sometimes!


I Was Waiting at the Bus Stop Today

Time for a RAOK!

Around 11:45-ish. Coming home to meet a contractor to give me a quote for painting the house. There was this skinny woman leaning heavily on a cane. Don't think she is much older than me, but maybe she is...We got to talking. She started it...I was happy minding my own business.

She had bandages on the tops of both feet, both knees and elbows. She looked like she just hurt all over. She was clutching a large X-ray envelope. Asked me where I was going. Told her I was going to Katy.

"Me too," she said. She plainly wanted to talk. Said she was injured while getting mugged. Jumped her from behind while she was walking down the street in a not so good area of town. Pushed her ass so hard she slid 7-8 feet on concrete. Hence the road rash. After that they kicked her around a little. Did this poor woman such an injury she'll be having surgery on her back next week. Showed me the X-rays too. One of her vertebrae was so far out of place (and the disc was crushed) that it looked like it should have been sticking out of the skin...

Made me wince. What the hell is she doing up and around? Must be some good chemistry at work here, is all I can figure. At any rate, it soon came out that she would have to walk six miles (!) to get to her daughter's home where she was staying. She could barely walk far enough to get on the bus.

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!?! Didn't look like she could really afford to take a cab either. "The hell you are!" I said. "When we get out to Katy, I'll take you to your kid's house."

That stunned her for a minute. Understandably cautious, she asked what I did for a living and what was my name. I smiled, and hesitated for about a second and then told her I was an IT Security Specialist for the Big Clam. This seemed to ease her mind and she said, "Okay...I'll let you take me." About that time the bus pulled up and I made everybody else wait while she got on first. Didn't give a shit how long they'd been standing there. Nobody fucked with her OR me. She took a seat in the front of the bus on the left side. I sat down a few rows behind and to the right.

Few minutes later as the bus got on the freeway, the stop requested signal went off and the sign up front lit. She looked over her shoulder at me and quietly said, "oops." while grinning sheepishly. I had to laugh. The rest of the trip passed uneventfully and I was fully absorbed in reading a magazine. When we got to the end of the line, everyone exited in an orderly fashion as usual. She was one of the first folks off. As I came off the bus I could see she was looking for me. "Are you sure you can take me?"

"Yes, I am. You just wait right here and I'll go get the car." Took me a minute to clean off the front seat and get the shade down *Damn it's hot!* and get over to the shelter to pick her up. She got in and thanked me again for taking the trouble.

We made small talk as we cruised across the small town of Katy. Got a phone call from someone wanted to give me a quote over the phone. Then they called back with the last half of the quote.

Right before we pulled up at her daughter's home I explained what was going on (she asked) with the house and life in general. Splitsville and all. She said she was sorry as we pulled up into the driveway and tried to give me some money for gas. I wouldn't take it.

Wished her well and took off. Right before I turned off the freeway the contractor I had coming over called and said he was at the house. Asked him to wait as I was just a minute from the place. He said it was no problem. We walked around the house while he worked it all up. He found some other shit wrong I hadn't even noticed. Asked him if they'd clean the gutters while they were doing their thing.

Oh yes, it is included he said.

Good price to paint the house too.

One more quote. And I'll be in project mode.

Hope y'all are having a good day!

I Never Have Been A Hillary Fan

But this post over at the daily kos scares the ever livin' crap outta me!

By the way - I ain't no Bush-ite, either.

Like my politics the same way i like my religion - NON-DENOMINATIONAL!

Any politico that gets this close to evangelical fundamentalism is out, as far as I'm concerned. I don't care what effin' party they are in!