September 29th, 2007



Yanked from the ever loverly sahlah !

You're the Coast Starlight!
A lover of the Pacific Ocean, you could even be called a pacifist. You enjoy whale watching, surfing, long walks on the beach, and probably even tree-hugging. With all of this environmental focus, you remind people that you're just trying to keep the rest of the world as beautiful as you are. While you say that you expend a lot of energy, many have accused you of just coasting.
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Got my cabling issues in the office sorted today. Seems to be a wrap for the laptop wireless issues. Put two cables in around the walls after a trip to Fry’s for cable(s). I’d been told by a couple of people not to exceed about thirty feet in length as you’ll notice a drop in transfer speed. I put two fifty foot cables in. Haven’t really noticed any difference. But i could just be slow. *grin*

Made a run by the grocery store for supplies. Need to do laundry and stuff.

Now I can clean in the office. Gotta find some more of the flat surface. So I can cover it up again! Need to file a bunch of crap. And trash some other crap.

Such a novel thing. A computer in the family room. Or the back yard. Or the front yard. Or the *gasp* OFFICE. And no wires...Hmmm. Un-tethered computing...Whodathunkit!?!?

Spoke to The Queen awhile ago. She is in Las Vegas for a Interior Landscaping Convention. alleycat2681 met her there last night. Sounded like they were having a good time. They were waiting at the pirate show when i called. Arrrrrrr!
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