October 13th, 2007

t_dod, Suits me to a "T"

Gettin' Nothin' But Static!

Gettin’ Nothin’ But Static! Static In My Attic! On Channel Z!

-The B-52s

Oh Boy!

Looks like I need to pull the dash apart in the Saturn Express, again *sigh*. Got a little background static, even while listening to FM! AM is almost completely unlistenable! I must’ve left the ground wire unconnected or not connected well enough. Or maybe it has come loose. pfffffffffft!

Gonna do it while it is still relatively cool outside. The buzz has got to go!
t_dod, Suits me to a "T"

Sitting Here In a Friends Back Yard

All the way across town.

Pirating some one’s else’s bandwidth...Why? Arrrrrrrrr. Because I can, matey!

Just testing doncha know!

Why do people leave their networks or routers open?

Returned a Print Server to Fry’s today. And didn’t buy a thing! You should be proud of me!