October 23rd, 2007


Sluggin' it in on the Katy

One day last week on the way home, I found another car to put on my “Do Not Ride” list...

Was after 6:30 so this car only needed one rider to get on the HOV lane.

HOV = High Occupancy Vehicle

I jumped in this blue SUV. The lady driving thanked me for riding. I thanked her for driving.

The first thing I noticed was the AC was turned off. This may not seem like a big deal to y’all that live in the northern part of the world, but down here in the tropics, it ain’t really just a nicety. Kinda like havin’ heat in your car in the winter time.

The second thing I noticed was the R and B gospel playing on the radio. Not my favorite genre of musica,

But I thought, I can deal.

Then a little ways up the street, she turned he AC on and rolled the windows up. A commercial was playin’ on the radio so she turned that down.

“Cool,” I thought.

Five minutes later though...She reached over and clicked the AC off, rolled the rear windows down, and turned the radio up...

Shit!” I thought. It was hot, too. But I thought, I can deal.

Five minutes later she reached over and turned the AC back on...WTF!? Then she started speeding up to over 70 MPH, only to slow back down to under 50. Up, down. On, off. Cool, hot. The whole ride out to the Park’n’Ride. I thought she was just batshit crazy.

But I thought, I can deal.

Got my book out of my bag and stuck my face in it...And then...

She started to sing along with the radio - Loudly and badly...She couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket!

By this point I thought we might die. But our place in Heaven was probably assured, as this vehicle was certainly making a joyful noise!

Off Key, out of sync, but certainly joyful!

Holy Mother of God...

I just watched the PBS show, Frontline. This particular show is about the undialog between Iran and the United States. You can watch the whole show at the link. Some scary shit there.

This sabre rattling going on between these two countries that don't even speak to one another has got to stop. They just talk shit about each other to anyone that will (or won't) listen...

Jeebus! I hope I can get to sleep now.