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November 11th, 2007

To All Veterans - Past, Present and Future

I give you my supreme gratitude...

Jeremy - My Step-son in Afghanistan - Keep your head down, son. Come back to your mother whole...

Dad - Walter Francis Hynds - Rest easy, old friend, and mentor. I know now - You were always right...

Ben Stein’s On Veteran’s Day - editorial on CBS Sunday Morning turned me into a blubbering fool.

And on NPR’s All Things Considered on my way back from the kolache shop, The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards previewed a new version of Amazing Grace that was so fine I had to sit in the driveway and recompose myself before I went into the house...I will check the NPR site later and see if they put up something I can link to. Was last recorded by them in 1971. I think I’ll have to have the new recording. It comes out November 26th according to the web site. Spirit of the Glen You can hear a snippet on their MySpace(!) Page. Who knew? The Spirit of the Glen

It is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.


Uh-Oh- iPad Touch?!?

From the Gadget Lab @ wired.com
Say Hello to the iPad Touch
iPad Touch


Don't know if it's real, but I know it would be cool. Way cool.



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