December 4th, 2007


Smoking Rooms...

In hotels and motels:
Thought so for quite sometime. Hell I don’t even smoke in my own home. Outside only. We’ve done that since one of the kids developed asthma. Now I don’t think I can smoke comfortably inside anymore. It makes things smell...

This was brought home to me even stronger on my trip to Maker Faire in Austin, Texas this year. Got a smoking room. And yes, it smelled.

Had my CPAP machine with me...Didn’t notice until I got home that the smell had gotten into the unit! Ewwwe!!! I changed the filters immediately and it still took a week to get that stench outta the machine. But it finally abated, thank the gods!

Okay it is after one. Gonna lay down with my book and my darth vader mask and kick out!
G'morning, Coffee

Gulfport, Mississippi - The Morning After

Good morning LJ!

The frost is on the Pumpkin! Or at least the Saturn Express!! *grins*

I woke up with the neck still stiff as hell.

I can see that which would probably help me more than anything right now.

That’s right! A nice, steamy soak in a Hot Tub or spa.

Except I can’t get to the damned thing! That’s right...I’m locked out!


C’est la vie!