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December 6th, 2007

The Water Issue

Figured that out...This part of town USED to be considered to be “in the country”. It smells slightly sulfurous, and tastes kind of “Iron-y” because it is well water and not from a central city water supply.

Nothing really wrong with it, other than is has a slight (subjective) funk to it.

Well *grins* so glad that is settled. Water still stinks IMHO.


Today's Useless Trivia

Did you know:

That about 90% of the “Close Doors” buttons in elevators

are merely placebos? They have absolutely no effect on closing the doors of the car.

I wonder what important piece of information that displaced in my brain...

How to Spot a Cylon

Special post for ez_as_pi. And any other BSG fans out there in flist land!




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