December 12th, 2007


Stuff I Like...

Steampunk looking webcam
Probably made out of cheap plastic. But you have to admit, it does LOOK Cool!

From the website:

"Stylish golden web camera with a bendable design and featuring driverless installation for easy setup. This handy desk mate will be having you connected to webcalls in moments with high quality and speed of up to 640x480 Pixels at 30fps. Also, you can take some quick 1.3 Mega Pixel pictures direct from the webcam for some quick pictures for friends or family, and the webcam has an adjustable brightness light lamp for using it day or night. A great addition to any person who wants to have fun or conduct business while chatting online."

Driverless Webcam - Stylish and Bendable Design

1.3MP ain't much, but not bad for a 12 dollah webcam, I reckon!