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December 13th, 2007

Holiday Parties @ Work...Meh...

 Why do you have to sully a nice luncheon event, by splitting everyone into teams to compete for some trivial bullshit thing?

Day before yesterday we had a nice lunch at one of the boutique hotels in downtown Houston. The food was okay - although some folks claim to have gotten ill from the food. *WTF?* Didn't bother me, though.

What did bother me though? Splitting folk into 5 or 6 different teams for a snowman building competition, using balloons, construction paper, and scotch tape. You had to delegate tasks (what effin' manager thought this bullshit up any way?), come up with a theme for your snow"person" (Let us not forget to be farkin' politically correct, here). It had to be in excess of three and a halof feet tall (we were also provided with tape measures). 

You had to elect a spokesperson to tell the story of  of your creation. And you had to do it in under 15 minutes. 

I got stuck on a team of mostly management wags *sigh* with no clue on construction with the materials provided...(Don't you have kids?

Luckily the other programmer that was stuck with this band of misfits and I had some ideas which were adopted forthwith. We let the manager with the gift of gab and bullshit be the spokesperson - the only other choice would have been me. Jeebus...

Verbosity - It's a gift!

We won the prize for "Most Creative" Not sure if it was for the use of materials. Or the bullshit the spokesperson put forth...

The prize? A five dollah $tarbuck$ gift card...

Yeah - Gee Whiz! Thanks!

I work for one of the largest multinationals in the world and this is the best y'all could come up with? 

So we have another lunch today - In house this time...But I'm sure we'll have some other silly form of "team building" exercise at this one too...


Reflecting Backward:

One of the nicest things that happened on my roadtrip...

The week before Joe (my sisters’ step father) died a friend of mine died that I had renewed friendship with after three decades. I missed that funeral as I found out about it the day of the thing. I wrote a nice little essay to put in the (online memory book) memorial. I posted about David here:


While I was on my way to Florida for Joe’s funeral, I got an email from David’s Mother thanking me for the words I wrote. That was really nice. I just wrote of the last time we were together and what I felt. Her note really means a lot to me.

This is the thing with me though, I generally write about what I feel. No whitewash. No varnish. What is, IS with me. I also try to ACT the same way in life...

Then a few days later at the little get together at Joe’s house after his funeral, *What is it about Death that seems to make people hungry AND horny?* I was side swiped by one of David’s sisters. She said that, “What you wrote for David was the best thing in the whole book and that you had the entire family in tears just thinking about that. David was exactly like that. You were the only one that wrote anything like that. We just want you to know how much we appreciate the thought that went into it. I think my mom is in love with you now. She’d probably adopt you if she could

I told her the same thing I wrote to her mom, Mrs. H., “Honey...I just wrote what I felt. I could do no other. I could not just put a generic condolences statement in there, because I’m just not built like that.” By this time we were both tearing up and she gave me a hug and wandered off into the crowd before we both got too upset.

This is what is best in life. To make others feel better, during what is obviously one of the most heartrending moments in their lives. This is empathy. Both a blessing and a curse...


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