December 31st, 2007


Powered By Vicodin!

Sitting here at my desk lapsing in and out of a drug induced sleep...And it is good...And this is about the most comfortable position I can get into right now. Sitting up...

So the holiday season hasn’t been very good to your friend and mine, TexasT’s. I got pretty sick the week before Christmas. Coughing up crap, congested, etc. Went to the Doctor on Christmas Eve. She tells me I’ve got bronchitis aggravated by a sinus infection...Double Whammy. So the entire time I’ve been off from work I’ve basically been sick as a dog.

Got a steroid shot in the ass and prescriptions for anti-biotics and some sort of cough suppressant and expectorant.

Went off on a really bad coughing jag on Christmas day and felt something pull on my left side. Figure I pulled a muscle. It hurt to cough from then on. I could lean on a pillow and my side didn’t hurt too bad...Coughing or whatever was uncomfortable, but I could deal with it. Couple of advil and I was good to go.

Until this morning...I was getting better. Took my last round of anti-biotics in the last day or so. And today I actually felt pretty close to human when i woke up.

Until I had that last coughing jag. Felt something in the vicinity of my uncomfortableness go *pop* and *scrape* and *grate*. And a stabbing wave of pain overtook me on my left side. I *almost* passed out from the sensation. On a scale of 1 to 10 this was about a 10.5 on the PAIN-O-METER.

I realized I had felt that particular sensation before. I practically crawled up the steps and slowly got undressed. And then slowly dressed. And moved slowly down the steps. Got on the phone to the doctor’s office and was put through to a nurse. I described the issue to her. She said she was going to consult with the Doctor that was on duty and would call me back. I told her to please *hurry*...Called The Queen and she said I probably ought to go to the Emergency Room. I was pretty much in agreement with this assessment. I had some doubts as to whether I would be able to drive. The Saturn Express is a 5-speed. *Argh!*

Waited for the Nurse to call back. Waited...I was about to go fold myself in to the car when she called back. They were gonna call me in a scrip for some powerful cough syrup and that I should take two Aleve - twice a day. And wait and see. I laughed. Out loud. And said that i didn’t think Aleve was gonna cut the mustard. Right about then I was racked by a coughing spell. I screamed and dropped the phone.

After a moment or a millennium - Looking through a red haze, with tears forming I managed to pick the phone up. She said maybe i SHOULD go to the ER if I was in that much pain, but she needed to consult with Dr. Whatsisname and would call me back. As I was picking up my keys and heading for the door I said fine and we rang off. Called The Queen and told her what the Dr’s ofc had said and I was going to try to drive to the ER.

*Thanks for offering to drive me* *Shakes head*

And since it has taken me all this evening to get to this point - I shall bid you adieu! Gonna try my recliner....

Oh yeah -

Happy New Year!