February 6th, 2008


Male Enhancement Product!


Do women call you Fatty?
Do women call you Baldy?
Do women call you Ugly?
Do your ears have more hair than your head?
Do women call you Loser?
Are you over  50 60, or even 70?

women completely lost interest in you?

Do not despair.

Now there is a new "Male Enhancement Product" on the market that will change all of that!

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[Public] Coincidence?

Not sure about that.

It ain’t really a secret amongst the friends at work that I’ll be turning fifty this month. So around Cube Central this AM the older folk we were talking about the fact that TexasT’s would be getting his offer from AARP...

And guess what was in the mail tonight??


[Public] Elevator Quirks

Ever notice that when a full elevator gets down to just two folk, invariably one of them will move to the opposite side of the car from the other person? Gotta keep that weight distributed equally!

Why do some people insist on standing mere inches away from the panel of buttons you need to push to get to your floor? Honestly, some folks stand so close to it, you feel like you’re having an intimate moment just to “press your button”! Heh heh!

Or why do some fools stand right in the middle of the doors and refuse to yield to let people on of off? I mostly step off the car, and hold the door open myself. Or move to the side of the car...The opposite side of course.

One that I especially love is the goof on his cell phone who loses the call halfway up the shaft and can’t figure it out...Makes me want to say, “Gimme the phone! Just give it to me...You are too much of a dork to have one of these.”

Just wondering if anybody else has noticed these things? Or others?
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