February 11th, 2008


Stuff I like...$100 price drop on the iPhone coming in the next 2 months...

Woo Hoo! No secret around here I wants The Precious.

I think I’ll hold off a month or two though. And see what happens...

9to 5 mac via Gadget Lab @ Wired.com.

I still don’t see why every time there is a soft or firm ware update, there is a race to see how fast it can be broken. The applications that come on it seem to me to be pretty good. It must just be a geek thing that I just don’t get. Can’t we just let the thing be what it is?

A wonderful piece of technology...
Same with the iPod Touch...I hear things like -

"Why doesn't it have email?"

Excuse me - it does.

"Oh. Well then, why doesn't it have a camera?"

Because it is an iPOD. Get it?