February 29th, 2008


Wasting Time

I really shouldn't do this in the morning. Logged on to check something on the interwebs.

Checked the flist.

Made a few comments.

Now I'm gonna be late...Doesn't really matter, I'll make it up this afternoon...Not like I have a life or anything. *grins*

"Hello, My name is TexasT's and I am an LJ Addict..."

Think I'm about ready to try and give up smoking again...We'll see...Got some friends and acquaintances that have had some success using Chantix...And I already have the starter pack.

Happy Friday, Y'all!

And Jules...

Nice tune you did for the good dr_.

Made a commuter post this week - I know you like them - Not a bleedin' peep outta you though~!

I know you've got computer issues, so I might be persuaded to let you off this time.
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