March 2nd, 2008


Daily Zen

As long as you are subject
To a life bound by force of habit,
You are not free from the
Burden of the body.

- Kuei-Shan (771-854)
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    shakuhachi from the daily zen site
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So Beautiful...Music from Daily Zen

Thanks to the daily zen site, I am reminded just how beautiful bamboo flute music really is...

Led me to another iTunes binge...This is a genre of music that needs more exploration on my part.

48 songs later...*grins*

Go there...And listen. With both your ears and your heart...See if it doesn't move you...I like the song so much I sent them an email asking what it was.

If you know what this is...Please tell me...

I really must learn better meditation skills.

sahlah ~ Have I told you lately that I love you! Every time I go to the Daily Zen, I think of you...

This Just In...

National  Geographic Magazine. An  archeological team, (an NGS grantee) digging in  Washington  DC , has uncovered 10,000 year old bones and fossil  remains of what is  believed to be the first politician.