March 6th, 2008


There Are Days (and/or Nights)

When it just sucks to commute into downtown Houston to work...Today. Was. One. Of. Them.

It started to rain around 2 in the afternoon, I think. Then the temperature dropped around 4. Now I was prepared because I've been caught out before. Unprepared for the changes that can occur with Houston (or East Texas) weather.

Ain't too much worse than standing at the bus stop freezing your ass off because when you left for work at 5:45 AM (Yes, A. MoFo M.) it was 70F, but when you left the Cube Farm at 4:30 PM it was below 50F. You stand there, a shivering fool because your ass didn't get a look at the weather before you left the house, and there's been a 20 something shift in the ambient temperature.

Been there, done that.

I had a light jacket with me, an' this excellent hoodie came mail order for me today from ScottEVest. Good thing too! I haven't owned an actual hoodie in years! As soon as I saw this one though, I placed an order. It's fulla pockets...Check it out at the link. I may have to look into the actual travel vest in the future. But the hoodie is great!

Got a call from The Queen at around 5:30 asking me if I was still at work...

"Uh yeah. Why?"

"There's an accident on the freeway at *the exit after the one the bus takes* and it is backed way up."


"Plus it is raining sideways..."

"Oh goodie!"

So I hung at Cube City until about 6:30, when I just couldn't work anymore. Headed down to the street. The wind was howling out of the northwest. It was raining sideways. Stood under the overhang at the building having a smoke and watched my bus go by...

No worries, there's another in 10 minutes or so. I bundle up and try to use the umbrella I keep in my bag, but the wind is gusting too much. After it blows it out the second time I give it up and just close it. Got hoods so I'll be alright. Right?

W-r-o-n-g...10 minutes goes by and no bus. My shoes and socks are already soaked. My trousers are wet on one side up to the knees from blowing rain. *grins*

But my jackets...The outer one is water resistant and performed magnificently. It's micro-something-or other and should dry fairly quickly once I get out of this crap. *And I just checked ~ about 2 hours later and it is mostly dry.* Not the warmest coat (or jacket) I own, but with the hoodie under I was warm and dry as toast. At least my upper body was.

About 35 minutes later a bus shows up...Schedules ARE mere suggestions after all. My right leg is soaked almost to the hip. On the windward side. The ride takes a little longer than usual, due to the weather I'm sure.

*At least it didn't die in the HOV like the one I rode home on LAST NIGHT.*

So we get to the Park-n-Ride in about an hour and a half, I think.

Drive through BK and race to the house...My windshield wipers are making a funny noise. That's No bueno. I'll get those checked after I get back from La Florida. Get me and my gear into the house and strip out of my wet shoes and pants. Plop! onto the floor of the laundry room go the pants. And socks...And into an old pair of Levis...Thank the gods for old comfy jeans...The shoes are in front of the refrigerator where the warm air that blows from underneath will dry them out.

Think I'll hit the sack...After the weather report, and read some of this month's Wired magazine before I fall out.

Back at it tomorrow and then I'm off through the 17th.

Fly out on Monday for the Sunshine State. Back to Texas sometime before the following Monday.

Heh ~ Sometimes life is good!
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